Why Boulder Dog Hiking?

So, why Boulder dog hiking you ask?

The idea behind canine day care facilities is great. They give dogs places to go while their owners are at work, keeping them out of trouble at home and getting them involved with other dogs, but they can be noisy, stressful and ultimately do not provide much variety.

Wouldn’t it be nice to give your dog an occasional break from the day care scene? As an alternative, try the Boulder dog hiking scene with Timberline Canine, Boulder County’s premiere dog hiking service.

Dogs tend to fair better in smaller, more manageable groups, and that’s exactly the model we follow. We hike with a maximum of four dogs per person, giving your dogs the attention they need and deserve, without sacrificing socialization, and keeping them focused on the task at hand. When you combine all of that with rigorous exercise, fresh air, sunshine, beautiful scenery and peace and quiet, it’s an unbeatable combination that will leave your dogs happier and in better health, physically and mentally. Boulder dog hiking with Timberline Canine is a wonderful alternative to doggie day care.

While it may be something you’ve yet to hear about, the fact is that dog hiking is nothing new. Throughout each and every season of the year, dog owners around the world take advantage of the true beauty and rugged dog hiking opportunities offered within the landscapes of the wilderness.

These landscapes provide dogs with not only a release from the harsh reality of everyday life surrounded by four walls, they offer a chance for dogs to grow through exploration, learning and adaptation, as they connect with the natural world and experience the mentally-beneficial sights, sounds and scents of the trail.

The ups, downs, twists and turns make for great workouts for your dog, as well. These workouts help to achieve and maintain optimal physical conditioning. What we do is quite simple; we pick up your dogs in our safe and comfortable Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, take them on rugged, long-distance hikes and return them, exhausted and happy. The healthful effects of what we do are more complex.

In a world that is increasingly industrialized, mechanized and technology-saturated, it’s easy for people (and consequently their dogs) to lose touch with the natural world, so we offer a way for dogs to reconnect with their natural heritage, at times when their owners cannot, in a way that provides optimal physical conditioning and mental stimulation. There’s nothing quite like hiking with dogs in beautiful places, and no one else who does it quite like we do at Timberline Canine: Adventure Hikes for Dogs.

All things considered, Boulder dog hiking with Timberline Canine provides your loved ones with a whole-body experience that just cannot be achieved through basic dog walking or most other services. Give your dog the gift of hiking, a wonderful treat with long-lasting effects. Book a package of dog hikes today with Timberline Canine.

Your dog will thank you!