Our Transportation

Our Colorado PACFA and U.S. Department of Agriculture-Certified Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is equipped with everything your dogs need to get to and from the trail safely and comfortably. Our sanitary, stainless steel kennels, complete with stainless steel, spill-proof water buckets and soft, cozy, water-resistant beds, are elevated and fully-enclosed to minimize noise and to provide maximum privacy.


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All of the Sprinter’s interior surfaces are waterproof, to maintain a sanitary environment, and the walls and ceiling are insulated to provide maximum temperature control and to minimize ambient noise and vibration.

No space is truly comfortable without being well-lit, so the Sprinter is equipped with a large sunroof and large, rear-door windows which provide a constant supply of warm, natural light, and bright LEDs for after the sun has set.

A group of dogs can heat the interior very quickly, so the Sprinter is equipped with a separate, roof-mounted air conditioning unit that provides cool, fresh air on demand any time it’s needed. With a separate battery bank, it can run continuously for up to one hour without running the Sprinter’s engine, perfect for a pre-travel cool down on hot, summer days.

All in all, the Sprinter is equipped to take care of all of your dog’s needs from head to tail, to and from the trail.