Warm, Autumn Hikes in South Boulder!

Posted by on October 14, 2016 | 7 comments

Even though the bright colors of autumn are fading to more ruddy hues, signaling our transition to winter, our hikes this week with our friends, Darwin, Gyda, Gracy and Rocco were warm and bright. We traveled on the Doudy Draw, Spring Brook North, Homestead, Shadow Canyon and South Mesa Trails, got lots of exercise, met a couple of friendly cows and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.



  1. awwww so many new friends!

  2. that’s quite a crew!!

  3. Wonderful picture!! Great looking group and those beautiful dogs sure know how to pose! Happy group too.

  4. Looks like u have a Beauceron there. They should come up the hill for a play date.

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