Warm and Sunny, Springtime Hikes!

Posted by on April 21, 2018 | 0 comments

Things are becoming more colorful by the day out there, as the trails wake up from their winter slumber. We’ve seen new wildflowers just about every day, insects and spiders on the move, and increased bird activity, including some wild turkeys! Our hikes have included our regular pups and regular trails, with the exception of yesterday, when we decided to head up the Mallory Cave Trail, in addition to the Mesa and Bear Canyon Trails. It’s a short but intense, .8-mile climb to a protected bat cave, which is surrounded by a huge, black fence worthy of Tim Burton. The last 200 feet or so is a steep scramble and a squeeze through a small arch to access the viewing point, so pups and packs should stay behind with someone from the group. The access to the fence is closed this time of year, so I’ve included a photo from a few years ago. It’s another one of Boulder’s many and varied special places. Definitely worth the challenge!

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