Simon had a blast!! He hopped right in the awesome Timberline van and went off on his adventure with Sean and Jane. I appreciated the time that Sean and Jane took to get to know my boy and the picture they sent of his first outing. Simon came back tired (not an easy thing to accomplish �) and happy! Thank you!

Alison Reder

What a cool service! Sean and Jane made both my huskies feel right at home by stopping by to visit to let the dogs explore the van (which is a super nice and comfy ride)! The following week they took the dogs on their first hike! They picked them up at my work which was really convenient for me and then sent adorable pictures throughout the day; when they dropped them off in the afternoon both dogs were tired and happy! Sean and Jane are really sweet, wonderful people that take the time to get to know the dogs, enjoy hiking with them, and offer a truly one of a kind service! My huskies were thrilled with their first hike and are looking forward to many more to come! Thank you so much Sean and Jane for making their first hike so fun!

Amanda Williams

Sean picked up the dogs and took the time to introduce them to the van (which is incredibly awesome). They were anxious at first, but soon settled right in. They had a wonderful day with Sean on the Royal Arch Trail and were really tired when they came home. More important than coming home tired, they came home happy and didn’t show any signs of stress.

Carol Corsell

I am so glad I found these guys! Penny and Walter had such an amazing day and are so peaceful this evening. I couldn’t be happier for them! We look forward to more hikes for my furry babies!

Erin Zahradka

We are using Timberline Canine on a regular basis. It’s great to get up to the mountains for the day and know that your dog is in knowledgeable and caring hands. One less thing to worry about is always good.

Julian Wild

My Rocco had a great, first-time hiking adventure in the foothills yesterday with Sean and Jane. He was the only dog, so he got lots of special attention. He was familiar with the van, since Sean and Jane made a special visit the day before to introduce him to it and to them, so while he was a little reluctant to leave me, I don’t think he was too scared. He seemed to enjoy his hike (pics and video provided, thank you!) and has been sleeping deeply since then! It’s great to be able to get him out and about and up in the fresh mountain air while I’m working. It makes me feel so much less guilty about not being able to do it myself! I highly recommend this organization; it’s professional and affordable and clearly, they love their business and the dogs! Looking forward to scheduling more outings soon!

Marion Antonellis

Timberline is a quality outfit. Terrific reliable service operated by some great folks! Keep up the good work. Woof, Woof!!!

Mark Van Dyke

Roger is treated with so much love and he always has an absolute blast!

Narisa Wild

Such a great service!! Communication was flawless & much appreciated – from when Lola would be picked up to photos during her hike to when she would return. Sean and Jane were wonderful with Lola and when she came home, she parted ways by snuggling with each of them before she came inside to sleep. She was one happy & tired dog!

Nikki Larsen

Sergeant loves taking hikes with Sean, and we love Sean taking care of everything: pick-up and drop-off and a long hike on a beautiful trail while we are busy at work. We come home and we know Sergeant has had a fun day and he has got his exercise and been outside. Score.

Salas H. Sanchez Bennasar