Big Hike in Bear Canyon!

Posted by on June 8, 2015 | 4 comments

We had a beautiful, 9-mile hike Sunday on the Bear Canyon Trail. Roger enjoyed all of the stream crossings and took every opportunity to splash, soak and shake. All of the rain we have had this spring has left the trails thick with wildflowers, and normally-dry drainages are flowing abundantly.

Bear Canyon 1-6:15Bear Canyon 18-6:15Bear Canyon 19-6:15Bear Canyon 4-6:15Bear Canyon 14-6:15Bear Canyon 17-6:15


  1. That’s why he was sooo tired on our run today 🙂 happy dog!

    • He worked really hard. He was the happiest dog on the trail.

  2. This is one happy doggie!

  3. Everybody smiles when they see Roger, because he’s always smiling!

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