Beautiful, Spring Day in South Boulder!

Posted by on April 8, 2016 | 6 comments

We had a great time hiking, Wednesday, with our first quartet of pups: Sergeant, Simona, Gracy and Raven. We traveled on the Homestead, Shadow Canyon and South Mesa Trails for about seven miles. Things are greening up and wildflowers are blooming, birds are chirping and water from snowmelt is starting to flow. Ah, springtime in the Rockies!





  1. Masters with the dogs and providing a safe and healthy day! So grateful.

  2. Amazing. Zoli and I met these guys coming up the trail while we were coming down from our wildflower photo expedition.

  3. So wonderful! These doggies are fine looking specimens!! Such a wonderful way for all of you to spend the day!! And all of you definitely in good hands!!

  4. Great pics of the pups. Hiking in Boulder during the spring is the best!

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