A tired dog is a good dog. No matter the size of the dog, every pup needs a physical outlet to expend extra energy and maintain health and fitness.

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Welcome to Timberline Canine: Adventure Hikes for Dogs, Boulder County’s premiere dog hiking service. My name is Sean Phillips. My wife, Jane and I have been working and exercising with dogs, professionally, since 1999, with a Colorado PACFA-Certified dog care business in our home, and we’ve been hiking all over Colorado with dogs for even longer.

In 2013, we took a break from our business to look for something new, and, while on a camping trip, inspiration struck: dog hiking. It only made sense to combine our love of dogs and our love of exercising outdoors and hit the trail, literally.

Boulder County is chock-full of great hiking trails for dogs, full of rugged terrain, beautiful scenery and opportunities for exercise and socialization. That’s where we come in. Looking for some Boulder dog hikes? Some adventures for your furry friend? Look no further than Timberline Canine: Adventure Hikes for Dogs. The trails we use for Boulder dog hikes encompass a variety of terrains that will challenge your dogs physically and mentally. We take Boulder dog hiking to the next level, so your dogs can achieve maximum fitness on rugged, long-distance hikes, surrounded by the beauty and serenity of nature. Nobody else does dog hikes in Boulder like Timberline Canine.

We’ll pick up your dogs in our safe, comfortable, secure and Colorado PACFA and U.S. Department of Agriculture-Certified Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, whisk them away to a local trail for some heavy-duty, long-distance hiking, and return them to you, exhausted and happy. I am a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and Jane is a graduate of the Women’s Wilderness Institute (WWI). All of our outdoor experience has left us well-versed in keeping people and dogs safe in wilderness situations.

Buy a package of Boulder dog hikes today from Timberline Canine.

Your dog will thank you!


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